Tribes have lived together peacefully for many sunrises, until one creature over-steps it's boundaries. Now, rather they like it or not, tribes must come together along with the mysterious clan cats to defeat their worst nightmare..
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 Falcon Swift as a Shadow (previously Wolf)

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PostSubject: Falcon Swift as a Shadow (previously Wolf)   Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:45 pm

Name: Falcon Swift as a Shadow

Tribe: Tribe of Running Twilight

Rank: Lead Prey Hunter

Age: Fourteen Moons

Gender: She-cat

Picture: N/A

Description: Falcon is a smallish she-cat with lean muscles. Her fur is silver-blue and very fine. She has sly and sharp lavender eyes that never miss anything. Her legs are unusually long, often leading to her being said to be the fastest cat in all the Tribes. Her claws are sharp and lethal, much like a falcon’s talons.

Personality: Falcon is very cheery and charismatic compared to the rest of her tribe, but also a bit of a braggart. Cats will often gather around her as she tells exaggerated tales of her fantastic and dangerous feats. However, no other cat can match her fierceness and ambition. This ambition has caused the manifestation of sly and cunning within her. She will do just about anything to get what she wants and has the drive to carry any plan out to the end. She is also very proud of her family legacy and very protective of her family, due to her father’s unfortunate death.

History: Coming from a long line of Running Twilight leaders, including her mother Owleyes, Falcon was born to become the Lead Prey Hunter, a position she assumed at a young age due to her natural talent. Her father, Cliff that Overhangs the Chasm, died soon after she was born when he was betrayed by a rogue he had helped. Both him and Falcon’s brother Darkness share a kindness almost characteristic to the Tribe of the Shining Stars. She fears for her brother, so she made him teach her how to fight like a cave guard so that she could protect him if he put himself in a dangerous situation. However, protecting her brother was not the only reason she wished to know how to fight; that reason is much darker than one would know…

Example of rp’ing:
Falcon ran across the field as quick and silent as the wind. In one fluid motion, she leaped into the air and pounced down upon the rabbit she had been chasing; it was dead with a quick nip to the neck. Licking the blood off her lips, the young she-cat paused to survey her surroundings. She was quite far away from home, but she had quite a good haul of prey to bring home. She stooped to pick up the rabbit carcass, but noticed a scent she had learned to hate: rogue.

Instantly, she turned and raced towards the rogue. The tom had no idea what had even hit him. He stared up at the cat that had him pinned to the ground. Falcon looked murderous. “Tell me,” she hissed, “Do you know anything of the cat once known as Cliff that Overhangs the Chasm?” She pressed her claws into the terrified tom’s throat. “If you do, tell me everything.” She growled the last word. If this unfortunate tom had any idea about her father’s killer, she would get every scrap of information from him.

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Last edited by Fire that Burns Brightly on Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:05 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : I felt Wolf, now Falcon, needed a serious bit of remodeling :P I'll probably do this with quite a few of my charas :P)
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PostSubject: Re: Falcon Swift as a Shadow (previously Wolf)   Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:34 pm




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Falcon Swift as a Shadow (previously Wolf)
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