Tribes have lived together peacefully for many sunrises, until one creature over-steps it's boundaries. Now, rather they like it or not, tribes must come together along with the mysterious clan cats to defeat their worst nightmare..
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 Darknessthat Fills the Night

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Fire that Burns Brightly
Fire that Burns Brightly

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PostSubject: Darknessthat Fills the Night   Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:54 pm

Name: Darkness that Fills the Night

Tribe: Tribe of Running Twilight

Rank: Lead Cave Guard

Age: Seventeen Moons

Gender: Tom

Picture: N/A

Description: Darkness that Fills the Night is a large tom with large muscles. His fur is dark gay with black paws, ears, and stripes on his back. He has slate-gray eyes that do not betray his emotions. His fur is log and sleek. He has a tic out of his right ear and a long scar on his muzzle.

Personality: Darkness acts cool, though his inner feelings are unknown. Some say he is ambitious, but most who know him say he has the soft heart of a Shining Star cat, like his father, which weakens him .He strongly likes Field where Lilies Bloom, but she shows no interest in him. He is a skilled fighter whose skills alone brought him to the top. Pure might wins his battles.

History: Darkness is a popular pure-blooded Tribe cat, due to his mother being the leader of the Tribe, and his sister being the lead prey hunter. He is liked for his strength and good looks. He secretly teaches his sister fighting moves, though she greatly underestimates him. Some elders say he has the soft heart of his father, whose kindness got him killed. Thy say he would do better off in the Tribe of the Shining Stars.

Example of rping: (example in Fire’s sign-up)

Fire that Burns Brightly-TotSM
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Darkness that Fills the Night-ToRT
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H e a l me.
Tribe Healer
Tribe Healer
H e a l me.

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PostSubject: Re: Darknessthat Fills the Night   Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:52 pm




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Darknessthat Fills the Night
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