Tribes have lived together peacefully for many sunrises, until one creature over-steps it's boundaries. Now, rather they like it or not, tribes must come together along with the mysterious clan cats to defeat their worst nightmare..
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PostSubject: BloodClan-   Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:45 pm


The BloodClan cats are residing within the Tribe of the Silver Moon.



Sinister and tough, the BloodClan cats are a group of once rogues and kittypets, seeking to join a clan, but unborn in one. They are sneaky with their true intentions and usually don't open up to any others -- barely even opening up to souls within their own clan. Why they are traveling with the other clans are unknown, though some suspect its to gain more forest land than before by following the others in hopes of finding a large, vacant spot of forest for them.

The one who truly trusts this clan is Meadow Where The Herbs Grow, though no one knows why -- most tribe members guess its because she shares a secret ambition with their leader, Scourge.



Meadow Where Herbs Grow: TotSM - "Out here in the mountains... you think it's scary being lost? Wait until your found."
Cinderpelt: TC
Waves That Sway the Ocean: ToSS
Cherrytail: SC
Aeriella: BC
Pandora: Others
Cyndelle: Others
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