Tribes have lived together peacefully for many sunrises, until one creature over-steps it's boundaries. Now, rather they like it or not, tribes must come together along with the mysterious clan cats to defeat their worst nightmare..
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Fire that Burns Brightly
Fire that Burns Brightly

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PostSubject: Grasswhistle   Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:01 am

Name: Grasswhistle

Clan: ShadowClan

Rank: Senior Warrior

Age: 42 Moons

Gender: Tom

Picture: N/A

Description: Grasswhistle is an average sized cat with medium length fur. His fur is a dark golden-brown and white on the paws, tailtip, belly, and muzzle, though his fur is tinged with gray from old age. He has blue-green eyes and a longish tail. He is slightly pudgy and bulky for his size and has big paws.

Personality: Though he is a ShadowClan cat, Grasswhistle is said to have the heart of a ThunderClan warrior. He is surprisingly kind, shy and not ruthless, unlike other ShadowClan warriors. Grasswhistle deals with the taunts of being half-clan better than most cats, though is still slightly timid. He prefers the simple life, though has never truly lived it.

History: Grasswhistle’s mother, father and only sister are dead, and his only living relative is his niece Swiftfire, the ThunderClan deputy. He never knew who his father was except for that he was a WindClan cat who disappeared mysteriously shortly after he was born. His mother, Nightsong, was ruthlessly killed by the ShadowClan leader when he found out she had mated with a WindClan warrior. His sister Darkbreeze ran away with a half- clan cat named Rainspark shortly after their mother died. Moons later, he discovered his sister had died and her only surviving kit was a ThunderClan apprentice. He watches over her to this day and makes sure she never comes to harm.

Example of rping: in Fire’s sign-up

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